IFIXIT Screwdriver Bits

Have you ever tried to loosen the screws of your laptop or fancy cel phone only to find that you don’t have the special tools to do it?  Why shouldn’t we all have special abilities like those of the Genius Bar folk at The Apple Store?   Well, IFIXIT grants you those powers and more with 64 specialized bits that have helped my wife and I get into many restricted areas of technology.

The carrying case rolls out like a sleeping bag with its helpful goodies neatly tucked into tiny canvas holders.  The clever container that holds the bits is held to the carrying case by a magnet but can be easily detached when needed.


IFIXIT screwdriver bits


The entire design of IFIXIT is intelligent and comes with a flexible extender that allows you to unscrew at 90 degree angles!

Lets see an Apple Genius do that!





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