Old collectible postcards (and more…)

Do you know what I like? You guessed it — old stuff! And the older it is, the happier I am. 

If it smells of mothballs, I’m the happiest yet! Take a gander at that ancient Shackman postcard. Just look at the art. I don’t even care if the information of the brain area is at all accurate. I’m no doctor — all I know is that I’m happy just looking at it.   


Look at that foot! Same thing! It could be an alien language written in those dashed circles and it just wouldn’t matter. I’ve gotta have that foot! 


and I want to wear those masks…   


…and these too!   


  these not so much…   


…but these look like a ton of fun!     


I’ve been like this since I was a kid. Give me an eccentric old person’s stuff and I’ll find something amazing in it! I’ll take that over some run down electronics any day of the week. Normally you’ll have to do some hunting and pecking to find old stuff that I like, but visit shackman.com. If you do, you may never buy a greeting card or postcard from a grocery store again.

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