How 49 Boxes changed my life

49 Boxes Immersive Theater

To understand why my life changed from boxes, you’ll need to know the following:

The 49 Boxes is a social, story-driven experience where audiences interact with incredible artifacts to solve mysteries that have been kept secret for more than half a century.

This isn’t an experience that happens around you…it happens because of you.

In 2014, I was invited to a 3 day party called Beyond Brookledge at The Mission Inn, in Riverside, CA. Book publisher Bob Self and magic royalty Erika Larsen set up this yearly, round-the-clock vaudevillian explosion of the the world’s greatest entertainers. Because the amazement happens around the clock — if you sleep at all, you will miss something amazing.


I was asked to create something for the following year to which I couldn’t say no — the opportunity was just too amazing. I knew I was an outlier in this group of uber-performers so we worked hard to make a good impression. My assumption was that this would be a one-off showing and that was fine with me.

My wife, close friends and I presented The 49 Boxes and it was probably the most thrilling day of my life. The audience had a great time and we were invited back the next year. But rather than present the same show, we created an entirely new one with new magical items.


The 49 Boxes experience is part magic show, part escape room and fully interactive — for up to 120 participants. Even more important than my role in the show, is that of the audience. If it wasn’t for them, none of the mysteries or magic would be revealed.

I teamed up with my creative partner Alex Lieu early in the design phase. Since we began, the show has allowed us to perform all over the country including New York, Seattle, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

49 Boxes Immersive Theater Alta Dena Mountainview Mausoleum

We’ve performed at The Magic Castle, the most beautiful theaters in the world, mansions and mausoleums. There isn’t much I’d rather be doing with my time and performance is an honor.

49 Boxes Immersive Theater Alta Dena Mountainview Mausoleum

I plan on writing a few posts on special venues we’ve had the luxury of playing in while highlighting the amazing people who’ve have helped us along the way. Many thanks to you and The 49 Boxes for changing my life.

If you haven’t experienced the show, please visit our website and purchase a ticket. We all look forward to having fun with you soon.

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